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Winter can be a pretty miserable time in Britain, timberland sale with freezing cold weather and gloomy days that seem to stretch on forever. During these months, hibernation can end up seeming a very appealing option.

Thankfully, there is a bright side. Because, when it's looking more like the Arctic than England outside your bedroom window, it means it's time to pull all your favourite winter streetwear out from the wardrobe.
During wintertime, streetwear needs to be functional and practical, as well as being comfortable and stylish. This is especially true of what you choose to wear on your feet - if your feet are warm and cosy, you'll be smiling no matter what the weather. The major streetwear brands all have some really impressive lines at the moment, so if your winter wardrobe is looking a little tired, then now's the time to update it. To make things that little bit easier for you, we've sent our fashion scouts out to find three of the best winter timberland sale Boots on currently available on the market...


Dunderdon is the brainchild of a Swedish-born carpenter; and the company has specialised in workwear/outerwear since its inception in 1999. They've recently collaborated with Timberland, creating the 'Chukka' boot, which is available in both black and brown suede. Okay, so suede isn't exactly the best material to wear when it's raining outside, but we felt that this boot deserved a mention anyway. The detailing adds that little touch of luxury, and gives the boot a more sophisticated appearance. This boot isn't as practical for harsher conditions, but when you want to look smart as opposed to casual, these are the timberland sale Boots to go for.

Timberlands sale

You can't ever go wrong with a pair of Timberland's. Timberland timberland sale Boots are iconic in the world of streetwear - and you don't reach that kind of status without knowing a thing or two about footwear. Whether you go for a pair of classics, premiums or waterproofs, you're guaranteed to get quality as well as comfort. And, Timberland are renowned for being able to transform any outfit from being just cool, into simply awesome.

Clae shoes are known for their ability to make classic designs and infuse them with a modern twist. 'Their Russel Grizzly Wool' mid-top boot has proved to be particularly popular over recent months and when you see it, it's not hard to understand why. Made from the highest quality leather and speckled tweed, this boot also has a unique custom footbed which increases air-flow, and a rubber upsole to ensure maximum comfort.

These are just a few examples of what's on the market right now however, there are literally countless others to choose from. So, there really is no excuse to abuse your feet by wearing the wrong shoes ever again.